Bee Line Cable Partners With Clearcable to Launch Next Generation Software

September 26, 2019


Madison, ME & Hamilton, ON – Clearcable and Bee Line Cable Broadband Solutions are pleased to announce a new partnership launching next generation OSS & PNM Software to support Bee Line’s operation.

Bee Line Cable reached out toClearcable in 2019 to repatriate their management of their provisioning anddiagnostics system and to improve Tier 2/3 network operations support services.With Clearcable’s turnkey solution, Bee Line will have complete core to accesscontrol of their network 24/7/365 while simultaneously integrating theirbilling and cloud-based voice solutions.

Clearcable will work with Bee LineCable Broadband Solutions to continually grow their new partnership. JoeCaruso, Clearcable’s Director of Sales emphasizes how “proud Clearcable is to workwith Bee Line by providing a comprehensive set of tools and functionality to helpthem run, control and monitor their network.”

“We sought out a platform that wasable to meet all of our current and future requirements at an affordable cost,”mentioned Bee Line’s General Manager, George Allen. “Now we have the tools toexcel our business by partnering with Clearcable.”

About Bee Line Cable Broadband Solutions:

For more than half a century, Bee Line has provided high quality cable television service to the communities of central Maine. For almost two decades Bee Line Broadband Solutions has been providing High-Speed Internet and Digital VOIP phone service for residential and commercial customers.  Recently, Bee Line launched our Commercial Cloud Based VOIP Services providing our business customers with all of the standard hosted PBX features, auto-attendant, extension to extension dialing, hunt groups, IVR, remote employee extensions and many more advanced call handling features. With over 600 miles of HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) plant, Bee Line has also been very Instrumental in deploying High-Speed Internet Service to rural areas of Maine.

About Clearcable:

Clearcable is a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm focused on the needs of service providers by developing new business revenue streams, maintaining existing infrastructure, and proposing new advancements in telecommunications sectors globally.  Clearcable was founded in 2004 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, providing broadband and telephony consulting, implementation, and support services to cable and telephone companies. Clearcable is founded on the principles of integrity, reliability and innovation. Clearcable provides assessment and strategy consulting, complex network architecture and high-level design, logical and physical design, implementation and network deployments, cabling, project management, training and ongoing network management and support services.