How Clearcable is Responding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 23, 2020


To our valued clients,

As the situation around the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to evolve, and as the World Health Organization has declared the outbreak a pandemic, we are reaching out to let you know that Clearcable is in full operation and standing by to respond. We have been monitoring the situation and we want to share some details about how our team continues to support your business.

Maintaining Continuity and Support:

We are continuing to provide quality customer service and support during these times, we have the proper contingency plans in place.

  • As a remote support operation, our core business and well-connected network allows our team to operate efficiently and securely from any location. Therefore, the majority of our team will be working from home until further notice. You will still be able to reach them using the same contact numbers and methods you’ve come accustomed to and they will respond promptly. We value the health and safety of team members and their families.
  • To support ongoing operations, our management team is actively engaged in reviewing and assessing the severity and impact of COVID-19 while ensuring the minimum disruption to our service and the overall safety of our team members. We will ensure that management team members will remain at your disposal and available for escalations.
  • We have postponed all travel to client sites and conferences as recommended by local health officials until April 14th and will re-evaluate every two weeks. We believe this is essential for the health and safety of our team members, clients, and the greater industry.
  • There are no other current or projected impacts to our operations or our level of support available to you and your staff. We will proceed, unless directed otherwise by your policies, with all projects and routine maintenance and will provide an update if we determine some activities should be deferred. We remain committed to business as usual and meeting your needs.
  • If you would like to discuss any of your business continuity needs or require some additional accommodations during the pandemic, please contact us. We are prepared to respond.

Our support of and commitment to the success of your business continues to be our primary focus and, as always, we are available 24/7/365 at the following contact methods.

For any outages or emergency response, please be sure to call and speak to a live agent for the fastest response.

  • 1.866.679.0737 – option #2 (non-urgent)
  • 1.866.679.0737 – option #3 (urgent, after hours and weekends)

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be part of your team and we thank you for your support as we work through these challenges together.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us.

Thank you, the Clearcable Team.