Alianza's Innovation is a Great Fit With Clearcable

March 20, 2018

General, Press Release

Rob McCann, president and founder of Clearcable, did not hesitate when asked which company he has partnered with best represents innovation in the broadband industry – Alianza.

The Lindon, Utah company powers cloud communications for over 60 service providers in the United States and Canada. Clearcable is a telecommunications technical consulting firm based in Hamilton, Ontario that was founded in 2004 on the principles of integrity, reliability and innovation. The two companies first worked together in 2014.

“Alianza were innovative because they had already figured out how to host voice in the cloud and they had figured out a way to do that for small and mid-sized broadband providers” said McCann.  “Our new relationship worked from the outset and produced results for our joint customer.”

Alianza was founded in 2009 and designed, built, and launched the world’s first Cloud Voice Platform. The first project Alianza and Clearcable collaborated on was in 2014 when Alianza migrated Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operation (SELCO) from a legacy white label/hosted softswitch solution to the Alianza Cloud Voice Platform.

“It’s a partnership focused on platform integration, best practices and mutual customer service,” stated Justin Cooper, Vice President, Customer Success at Alianza. “We are both keen on removing complexity and creating the simplest operating environment for service providers.”

The two companies have worked together on four projects to date, including SELCO, Eagle Communications, Adam’s Cable, and Click 1.




Cooper explained why the relationship works.

“First is the focus on customer result, “stated Cooper. “Are we doing things to streamline operations?  Can we automate processes and remove manual work?”

“Secondly, we are both software companies. We develop and iterate our own platforms, so we have ultimate flexibility when it comes to improvements, new features and integration.”

“Last we both share the focus on providing positive experiences for service providers.”

One of those positive experiences occurred in Carbondale, Pennsylvania home to Adam’s Cable, who was migrating to the Alianza cloud VoIP solution.

“We had a number of moving parts during the migration of Adam’s Cable voice service to the Alianza platform,” stated Cooper. “Clearcable was instrumental in the testing and actual migration of services with tight integration into our Cloud Voice Platform.”

McCann remembers the migration.

“There were some challenges,” said McCann. “It was back to being flexible and innovative to help them solve a problem.”

For Clearcable it was back to creating a flow through provisioning of services.

“Clearcable really knows end-to-end service delivery!” stated Cooper. “Customers realize a more efficient operating environment when partnering with Clearcable.”




Alianza focuses on impactful outcomes for customers including:

  • Simplified operations, including integration with back-office systems to automate key business processes
  • Happier end customers, through better voice quality, faster onboarding and more empowered customer service
  • More innovation with an agile platform that delivers new features frequently that delight end customers and make operations more efficient.
  • Increased revenue from sticky business voice services like Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking
  • Reduction of overall costs and healthier margins for cloud communications

“Two other points worth highlighting are the alignment with our customers, the vendor and technology ecosystem, and creating strong partnerships, including Clearcable,” stated Cooper.  “Serving broadband operators is all we do and 100% of our personnel and resources are focused on service providers.  We are a true partner and that means a better experience for service provider staff and end customers.”

Which is one of the reason’s Alianza and Clearcable are both looking forward to working with each other in the future.

“We use the best-of-breed solution partners for great outcomes for customers,” stated Cooper. “We refer customers to Clearcable when they need holistic broadband services including provisioning with integration in their voice services.”

About Clearcable:

Clearcable is a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm focused on the needs of service providers by developing new business revenue stream, maintaining existing infrastructure, and proposing new advancements in telecommunications sectors globally.  Clearcable was founded in 2004 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, providing broadband and telephony consulting, implementation, and support services to cable and telephone companies. Clearcable is founded on the principles of integrity, reliability and innovation.  Clearcable provides assessment and strategy consulting, complex network architecture and high-level design, logical and physical design, implementation and network deployments, cabling, project management, training and ongoing network management and support services.

About Alianza:

Alianza makes cloud communications radically better for service providers. Our Cloud Voice Platform is a web-scale, turnkey virtualized software solution that enables cable, mobile, telco and other broadband providers to rapidly customize, launch and profit from VoIP and UC services. With our SaaS solution voice becomes a robust broadband application and service providers realize massive simplification, new service possibilities and a lower total cost of ownership. This new way to deliver voice untangles service providers from the restraints of old-school voice networks and accelerates innovation and growth. Learn more about Alianza at and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.