Content Distribution Network

Introducing an innovative and new way for content providers and service providers to connect with content

Clearcable Network's
Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Using our proven content distribution architecture, broadcasters, content providers and video service providers can now access our flexible IP based content transport solution that meets the growing needs of both live linear delivery and multiplatform content streaming.

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Key Features

The CDN platform can provide programmers with an innovative platform to delivery multiply formats for a programming service to operators throughout Canada.


The Clearcable CDN platform can convert the complex array of broadcasting video sources into video and audio codecs commonly used by video service providers such as MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 SD and HD signals with audio formats such as ACC and AC-3.git


Using a high quality source, Clearcable can transcode signals to meet the high standard of video quality demanded by content and service providers. Using our robust signal transcode platform, we deliver the formats and resolutions you need for traditional broadcast and multiple profiles for delivery to mobile and streaming devices.


To help manage your bandwidth usage while maintaining the highest quality signal delivery, Clearcable can deliver signals using ABR and using bitrates that maximize the efficiency of the network while ensuring a high-quality signal.


Through the use of Clearcable's Content Distribution Network, we can securely and efficiently deliver content to service providers headends from the source using our edge cache architecture and delivery platform.


Clearcable's knowledgeable staff provide a robust and responsive support team that can monitor, manage and respond to issues quickly and thoroughly.

Reach your audience wherever, whenever and on any device.

Clearcable Network's CDN Portal

Both content providers and service providers can utilize the Clearcable CDN platform to build an online, authenticated platform for delivery of content to customers anywhere, anytime and on any device. Clearcable can provide a branded online video portal that enables you to expand your audience and deliver premium value by addressing the viewing habits of your customers.

Key Features - CDN Portal

  • The CDN Portal is a branded, multi-language solution that can be configured for single-channel or multi-channel applications.
  • The CDN Portal can deliver live broadcast feeds as well as on-demand video content which is fully controlled by you, the content provider or service provider.
  • The CDN Portal provides flexible and comprehensive administrative support to allow for the enablement of such features as pre-roll advertising and VoD publish dates as well as comprehensive viewership reporting.

  • The CDN Portal can be fully locked to limit viewing to authenticated and authorized subscribers.
  • The CDN Portal can be integrated with existing GO type OTT video services.
  • The CDN Portal can be integrated with social media applications.